Evaluation of Factors Affecting Audiologists’ Perception of Autonomy

The University of Texas at Dallas

Authors / Faculty: Lily Rollins, Carol Cokely
Contact Person: Lily Rollins
Phone: 8179075693
End Date: 11/30/2020

This research study is being performed by an audiology student at The University of Texas at Dallas seeking to learn more about professional autonomy in audiology and scope-of-practice laws. If you are an active, clinical audiologist, consider completing a brief 10-15minute survey about the types of services you provide, and your feelings surrounding those services.

All responses are treated as confidential, and in no case will responses from individual participants be identified. Rather, all data will be pooled and published in aggregate form only.

Participation is voluntary, refusal to take part in the study involves no penalty or loss of benefits to which participants are otherwise entitled, and participants may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which they are otherwise entitled.

If participants have further questions about this study, they may contact the Principal Investigator, Lily Rollins, at lily.rollins@utdallas.edu.