Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion Disorder

Misericordia University

Authors / Faculty: Chantal Whiteduck B.S., Cari Tellis Ph.D., Glen Tellis Ph.D., & Kathleen Scaler-Scott Ph.D.
Contact Person: Chantal Whiteduck
Link to Participate:
End Date: 4/28/2020

Dear WVSHA Members,

I am a graduate student at Misericordia University who is conducting a study on the assessment and treatment of airway disorders caused by laryngeal obstruction (e.g., paradoxical vocal fold motion disorder, vocal cord dysfunction, irritable larynx syndrome, etc).

The purpose of this study is to investigate the current assessment and treatment protocols of this airway disorder. Benefits to future patients and society include gaining a better understanding of assessment and treatment methods of this airway issue. This study will also provide awareness for future research on the assessment and treatment of laryngeal obstruction. A risk of participation may be feeling uncomfortable due to lack of knowledge related to subject material.

If you are willing, below is a link to a survey asking questions related to the diagnosis of this airway disorder, different assessment and treatment methods, and the success of current intervention strategies. The estimated time to complete the survey is 15-20 minutes. The survey is completely anonymous and will ask for your geographic location and work setting solely for demographic purposes.