SLP Treatment Approach & Intensity Survey

University of Delaware

Authors / Faculty: Amanda Owen Van Horne
Contact Person: Amanda Owen Van Horne
End Date: 12/15/2018

Over the last few years of doing treatment research in a lab-based setting, I’ve come to see that the treatment intensity and duration is quite different from what is provided in a clinic or school-based setting. But I have not been able to find good references for what IS being done in everyday practice for preschool and early elementary school aged kids.

To help us better understand the amount and type of services that are usually provided, I am conducting a survey of typical service delivery practices. The survey involves answering some questions about the service provision setting and then reviewing 4 short cases and responding to questions about the treatment intensity and approach that would be used with that child. The survey takes 25-30 minutes to complete. The survey is open to US based speech pathologists working with children ages 3-7 in any setting.


You can also help us be sharing this link among your professional networks with others who might be eligible to participate.  Thanks for your help in improving our understanding of the everyday working conditions faced by SLPs who serve young children.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.