Brain Injury Support Group

Brain Injury Support Group hosted by Marshall University that provides support and resources to individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries.

Marshall University Aphasia Group

This is a group for individuals who have aphasia, that meet once a week for support and therapy.


This is a program designed for individuals who have Parkinson's disease. Marshall University hosts a weekly meeting for individuals who have Parkinson's, as well as…

Voice and Swallow Clinic Lecture Series

Lecture series with options to receive ASHA CEU credit, specific to topics pertinent to medically-based SLPs.

ALS Speech Generating Device Loaner Library

Marshall University provides speech generating devices available to loan for those with ALS. All devices can be accessed by emailing the linked address or contacting…

FEES Clinic at Marshall University

This clinic at Marshall University provides instrumental assessments of swallowing to diagnose any swallowing disorders and provide recommendations for diet modifications and therapy.

Dialect Services

Marshall University provides dialect and accent modification services for those interested. A comprehensive evaluation is completed, with available follow-up sessions.

Voice Banking

Voice banking is designed for those with ALS who would like to preserve their natural voice for later use when transitioning to the use of…