Playing with Words 365

An informative blog based on play and helping children learn speech and language through fun, functional, play-based activities.

First Bite: Fed Fun Functional

Michelle Dawson is an early intervention-based SLP who works with medically fragile children. She hosts a podcast that covers a multitude of relevant topics related…

Teach Me to Talk

Website designed by Laura Mize, with the early intervention setting in mind. She has an endless amount of blog posts, podcasts, and books as well…

WV Autism Supportive Center

Center based out of Elkins, WV provides access to services as well as family support groups and employment opportunities for neurodiverse individuals.

Oshel Parent Education Program

Marshall University has set up a lending library with resources for families of children who have communication delays. Families and therapists can contact Marshall University…

Scottish Rite Foundation

The Scottish Rite Foundation provides scholarships for children and families of children who are in need of speech, language, and hearing services, but do not…

KIDS Clinic hosted by Marshall University

KIDS Clinic at Marshall University is designed to provide support to children and families who have been impacted by substance use disorder.

Tethered Oral Tissue Clinic at Marshall University

The Tethered Oral Tissue Clinic at Marshall University provides evaluations of oral motor functioning.

Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Clinic at Marshall University

Marshall's clinic provides an evaluation in relation to feeding and swallowing for infants through adolescents who have difficulty with feeding and/or swallowing. Feeding therapy is…

Pragmatic Group at Marshall University

Marshall hosts a social group for children and teens who have social pragmatic deficits. The group meets either weekly or biweekly.