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SLP Perspectives on the use of Telepractice in the Health Care Setting

Western Michigan University

Authors / Faculty: Heather Isaacson
Contact Person: Heather Isaacson, Ed.S., CCC-SLP
End Date: 3/1/2022
Your perspective matters as we begin to reimagine the future of telepractice.

You are invited to participate in a research project titled User Perspectives on Telepractice: A Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists’ use of Telepractice in the Health Care Setting.

The purpose of the study is to examine the speech-language pathologist’s confidence, attitudes, and perceptions of telepractice for the implementation of assessment and intervention for individuals with communication disorders.

Eligible participants must meet the following criteria:
1. Licensed, certified Speech-language pathologist.

2. Have implemented telepractice in the health care setting.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The survey consists of twenty-five items. Open-ended questions seeking comments related to barriers and facilitators of telepractice will be included. Your replies will be completely anonymous, so do not put your name anywhere on the survey.

This project was approved by the Western Michigan University Institutional Review Board (WMU IRB) on September 28, 2021.

SLP, PhD Candidate in the Department of Nutritional Sciences

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Authors / Faculty: Martha Blaess, MA, CCC-SLP; Kathrin Eliot, PhD, RDN/LD
Contact Person: Martha Blaess
Phone: 4059198009
Link to Participate: https://redcap.link/fguze09r
End Date: 2/6/2022

I am Martha Blaess, a speech-language pathologist and doctoral student at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in the Department of Nutritional Sciences.

I am seeking speech-language pathologists and registered dietitians to participate in my doctoral research study.

Further information about the research study:

The first phase involves a survey regarding selective eating in children with autism. SURVEY LINK: https://redcap.link/fguze09r

The second phase involves an interview on Zoom concerning further aspects of treating selective eating in children with autism. This will occur following completion of the survey.

Your participation in one or both phases of this research study is much appreciated and will assist in identifying clinician treatment knowledge and use of evidence-based treatment methods to treat selective eating in children with ASD. The study will also reveal strengths and areas for improvement regarding RD and SLP collaboration when treating selective eating in autism.

You may be financially compensated for your time.


Martha Blaess